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Digital Telephone


What is Blue Stream Phone?

Can I have Blue Stream Phone?

What does Blue Stream Phone offer?

Will I save money?

Do I need to subscribe to other Blue Stream services to get Digital Phone?

Is there an additional fee to switch to Digital Phone?

Can I keep my existing number?

Can I have more than one phone line/number with Blue Stream Digital Phone and if so, what is the cost of the additional number?

Does Blue Stream Digital Phone support distinctive ring?

Will my phone number be listed in telephone directories?

Can I use my existing home phones with Blue Stream Phone service?

Does Blue Stream Digital Phone replace my current home phone service?

Will my monitored security system work with Blue Stream Digital Phone?

Can I use Blue Stream Digital Phone for my business?

Can I talk on the phone, browse the Internet and watch TV all at the same time?

If my power goes, does my 911 service still work?

If my phone service is temporarily suspended for non-payment, does my 911 service stop working?

Under which circumstances would my 911 service stop working besides being disconnected by the cable company or stand-by battery backup failure during a power outage?

Will Blue Stream Phone work with my home network?

Are there other circumstances that could affect my use of Blue Stream Phone Services?

Can I call 911 using my Blue Stream Digital phone?

Long Distance

Can I choose my Long Distance Carrier?

How do I make long distance calls?

How do I make international calls?

Can I use my calling card for long distance calls?


Should I wait to disconnect my current home phone service until Blue Stream Phone is installed?

Do I need to be home for my installation?

What if I can’t be home for my installation?

I wasn’t home, and now my phone is out of service. What should I do?

How long does installation take?

How soon will my Blue Stream Phone service be active?

Can I move my Blue Stream Phone equipment modem from one location to another?


Does Blue Stream provide technical support for my Digital Phone service?

Who maintains my Blue Stream Phone equipment?

Do I have to buy extra equipment?

Do I need a special phone?

Is Blue Stream Phone compatible with answering machines and Caller ID display?

Will a fax machine work with Blue Stream Phone service?

International calling

International Calling information

Calling Features

Account Portal Access

Voicemail Management

Anonymous Call Rejection

Automatic Call Back

Call Forwarding Always

Call Forwarding Busy

Call Forwarding No Answer

Call Forwarding Not Reachable

Call Forwarding Selective

Call History

Call Return

Call Waiting

Inbound Calling Line Name Delivery

Calling Name Retrieval

CommPilot Express

Connected Line Identification Restriction

Do Not Disturb

Enhanced 911

Last Number Redial

Mailbox Management (Account Portal)

Priority Alert

Selective Call Acceptance

Selective Call Rejection

Sequential Ring

Simultaneous Ring Personal

Speed Dial 8

Three-Way Calling


All of my phone calls are going to voicemail

No lights on the Digital Phone Modem

No Dial Tone



What does “always on” mean?

Can I have my own Website on Blue Stream Internet Service?

Can I attach a server to your network?


Speed and “Always On”? How fast is Blue Stream Internet?

How fast can I go?

System Requirements

What is Residential High-Speed Cable Internet Service?

2-Year Contract

How does the 24-month contract work?


The Receive light on my modem is blinking

Home Protection Plan

Home Protection Plan

Home Protection Plan