• FAQs

What services will you be offering the community?

Through our brand-new fiber optic network, we will be bringing incredibly fast High Speed Internet service with speeds up to 1 Gig as well as ultra-reliable home phone service.

When will I be able to order services?

Service availability will happen over a period of time and will be made available on a rolling neighborhood basis. Check the status of your neighborhood here.

How will I be able to order services?

When it is time to order service and schedule an installation, you will be able to sign up by phone or in-person. As it gets closer to your neighborhood being activated and ready for service, you will receive more information about your options and next steps.

Will you be offering TV Service?

We do not have plans to offer TV Service in your community. However, this Fiber-To-The-Home Network will bring incredibly fast and reliable Internet Service as well as home phone service.

If I sign a contract, does that mean my price is locked for the entire time of the contract?

Yes. By signing a contract, you are entitled to receive a $10/month discount off the current price for the internet you choose, and that price is locked for 24 months!

Can I use my own modem or router?

An ONT modem will be installed as part of your internet service. There is no charge for that piece of equipment. There are currently no retail modems available on the market that will work with the FTH service, and there is no need to purchase one since you receive the ONT at no additional cost.

Customers who wish to purchase and use their own router to provide their own home WiFi service can do so. However, we recommend taking our Managed WiFi Service which offers much more than just a regular router, including 24X7 technical support and home networking app…all for only $15/month!

Can I upgrade or downgrade my Internet Service without breaking the contract?

Yes. You can upgrade or downgrade your service at any time. Each time you do so, you will enter into a new 24-Month contract.

Do you offer International Calling Plans?

Yes. We offer a wide variety of competitive International Rates. A Blue Stream Representative can help you select what’s best for you during your consultation appointment.

Do you offer TV Service? Do you offer Streaming TV services like YouTube TV or Sling TV?

Blue Stream offers the residents of South Gulf Cove Internet & Phone service; we do not offer TV service or Streaming TV services. However, residents of the community will have the opportunity to utilize Blue Stream’s incredible Internet Service to stream a wide variety of separate Over-the-Top (OTT) video services like YouTube TV and Sling TV. When you sign up for your Blue Stream Internet, we can provide your information on how to select and sign-up for streaming TV services.

Will these rates go up?

Customers who take a 24-month contract will have locked-in pricing for their internet service two whole years! Non-contract prices are subject to change. In the event of a price increase, customers will receive 30-days notice.

Do you have seasonal rates?

Yes. We offer seasonal rates for both internet and phone service. You can place your service on seasonal. The cost would be $8.00/month for Internet and $6.00/month for phone. The maximum amount of time the service can be placed on seasonal is 9 months, and 2 months is the minimum amount of time.

If I don’t want to pay a monthly season rate and I disconnect by services completely while away, will I break my contract and have to pay an ETF?

Seasonal customers can avoid an ETF by taking the seasonal plan. Fully disconnecting your internet service while in a contract will trigger an ETF.

What options do I have for obtaining my bill?

You can receive a printed copy of your bill each month. We encourage all customers to sign up for our electronic billing services for free as well as our auto payment feature. To do this, please visit sgc.bluestreamfiber.com to register. If you elect to receive a paper statement every month, there is a small fee of $3.49/month. Remember – If you sign up for auto-pay & paperless billing, & sign a 2-year agreement, you get a FREE Install!

How do I Set Up Electronic Billing?

A quick and easy guide to set up electronic billing can be found here.

Do I have to sign a Two-Year Contract?

No. You can opt to not sign a contract for your internet service. The price for your service will be $10 more/month than the contract price.

Do I need to sign a contract for Phone Service?

No. The contract only applies to the Internet service

Can I go on a seasonal rate if I am in a contract?

Yes. You can go on a seasonal rate while in the contract. The time you are on seasonal rate will still count towards your overall contract term

Is there an Early Termination Fee (ETF) if the contract is broken?

Yes. There is a maximum ETF of $345. The amount of the ETF goes down by $15 for each month you are on the contract. Please note, you have 30 days to try the service risk-free even if you sign a contract.

What if I move out of the area? Do I still have to pay an ETF? Does that break the contract terms?

No. If you move out of our service area, simply send us proof of new residence and we will override the ETF and cancel your contract.

What happens after my 24-month contract?

You can continue to keep your Internet service and it will increase $10/month in month 25. At that time, you can reenter into a new contract if you choose.

Need Assistance?

Please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 941-777-4707 or fill out the form below. One of our friendly representatives will be in touch shortly.