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Only $50/month!

Save $24.95 per month over retail rates!*
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*Disclaimer: The Gig for Life offer is for a limited time and only available for new customers. The following restrictions apply. “Gig for Life” means: Gigabit Internet service for as long as the customer remains a customer of Blue Stream Fiber. The offer requires that the new customer add the Managed WiFi package that includes the router, Managed WiFi and use of the Blue Stream Fiber Smart Home app for $15 per month for as long as the customer receives the 1 GIG For Life Internet promotion. The price for “Gig for Life” is $50 per month. The price does not include modem lease fees, applicable installation fees, taxes, franchise fees or other assessments. Please note that once a customer changes the “Gig for Life” plan, the plan will no longer be available to the customer. This promotion may not be combined with other offers. Many factors affect speed, including the number of devices connected to the Internet. Actual speeds may vary. Blue Stream Terms of Service apply. Please call for details.

New Internet Services

100 Mbps

2-year agreement

  • 100 Mbps down/100 Mbps up
  • Light streaming & downloading music & photos
  • Connect up to 5 devices at once

Limited Time Offer- 1 Gig for Life

$50/MO $74.95/MO
Requires Managed WiFi Package

  • Special pricing locked in for life!
  • 1 Gig down/1 Gig up
  • Perfect for the connected smart home & streaming in 4K or HD
  • Connect unlimited devices at once
  • More info on 1 Gig

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100 Mbps: Sign up with a contract and LOCK in your price plan for 24 months.
Not interested in a 24-month contract, go month to month for $10 more per month.

Managed Wi-Fi


  • Router – Includes monthly router lease fee
  • Managed WiFi with 24 X 7 remote monitoring of your home network that includes nightly, automated network Health Check
  • Handy Blue Stream Fiber Smart Home App will allow you to set up guest networks, monitor and control devices connected to your home network

Home Advantage


  • Managed WiFi Service
  • 1 Mesh Extender to provide expanded in-home WiFi coverage
  • Blue Stream Fiber Home Protection Plan for comprehensive service protection that includes repair or replacement of wiring, equipment, and 50% off qualifying home visits

Internet Fundamentals

$9.95/Month + tax
  • 30 Mbps download and 3 Mbps upload
  • No contract
  • Modem & WiFi Included

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Phone Services

A service you can count on

  • Perfect sounding connection
  • Never worry about your call coverage
  • 29 popular calling features including call waiting and anonymous call rejection

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Great International Rates

  • Competitive rates for international calling
  • Keep in touch with family, friends and colleagues overseas

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Home Protection Plan

Life Happens. For $4.95/Month, We’ve Got You Covered!


Our Home Protection Plan safeguards you against everyday incidents that could cost you hundreds of dollars.
Avoid expensive repairs for just pennies a day. Blue Stream’s Home Protection Plan provides comprehensive service protection that includes repair and replacement of inside and outside wiring, and of Blue Stream equipment. As an added benefit, customers are eligible for 100% off qualifying home visits!

With Home Protection PlanWithout Home Protection Plan
Accidental Fiber damageCovered$300+
External wiring issue caused by animal or contractor damageCovered$75+
Accidental damage to phone wiringCovered$75+
Accidental damage to Modem or ONTCovered$250
Customer Education Home Visit on faulty customer-owned equipment or improper installation of printer, computer, telephone100% Off$70
Basic Customer Education Home Visit like browser settings, printer connections, computer issues100% Off$70